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99 Ways For The 99% To Get Involved

Less than 1% of the American public defends our freedom. Here, you will find 99+ ways that you can get involved in supporting the troops, their families, and the nation.

We believe that most Americans want to do more than say they "support the troops" but often don't know where to start. Scroll down the list and see what appeals to you- there's something for everyone.

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Code of Support Foundation

+ Read & Sign the Code of Support, and encourage your friends and family do the same

By signing the Code of Support, you can show service members, veterans and their families that you pledge to give them your full support and you will share the responsibility for defending America's freedom.

Read & Sign the Code of Support

+ Make a donation to the Code of Support Foundation

Donors like you make it possible for our team at COSF to provide essential and critical one-on-one assistance to struggling service members, veterans and their families with complex needs. Your donations, no matter how big or small, help sustain our organization and make a difference in the lives of service members, veterans and their families.


+ Host a screening of our documentary "Profiles in Service: It Takes a Nation", and download discussion guides to help to bridge the civilian-military divide in your local community

With only 1% of the population serving in the military, it comes as no surprise that there is a gap between the military and civilian community. Watching our documentary will help bridge that gap and increase support for service members, veterans and their families. So, grab some popcorn and check it out!

Profiles in Service: It Takes a Nation

+ Volunteer and train as a COSF case coordinator and help veterans and their families get the support they need. For more information call (571) 527-3234 or email us

Volunteering and training as a COSF case coordinator is a fantastic way to directly help veterans and their families get the support they need! You could change a family's life for the better and make a difference in the world.

Case Coordination

+ Are you a service member, veteran, or military family? Tell us your story! Are you a civilian who has touched the lives of military and veteran communities? Share your experience! - contact us

Share your story about a time you touched the lives of military and veteran communities or, for service members, veterans and their families, tell a story of how someone else touched your life! Sharing stories is a powerful way to demonstrate the impact people have on others through service.

PATRIOTlink is a cloud-based resource navigation platform built by service providers, for service providers to make finding and leveraging resources as easy as possible for nonprofit or government service providers assisting veterans and their families. Joining our PATRIOTlink program will truly benefit you and your cause!

+ Sign up for our Newsletter and keep up with our many activities

Here at COSF, there are always new stories, events and activities going on! Sign up for our Newsletter to read about them and share with friends!

+ Have a specific way you'd like to give back but don't know where to begin? Contact us!

At COSF, we always appreciate hearing new ways people think of to give back. We will do what we can and help you start! Contact us to get started.

+ Follow us on social media and keep up to date with the happenings of COSF

Engage with us on social media. We post and share things often and love to interact with our followers! Like and share our posts and tweets with your friends and family!

+ Share 99 Ways to Get Involved with friends and family on social media using #99ways

With so many different ways to get involved, it is easy to choose which one (or 12) you can do! Share your story and how you impacted the lives of service members, veterans and their families using #99ways.

Animals & Pets

+ Foster a pet while a soldier is training or deployed

When soldiers deploy, they leave behind loved ones, including pets. You can provide service members with peace of mind by fostering their pets while they are away. Knowing that their pets are loved and cared for in their absence allows soldiers to serve and protect our freedoms with one less thing to worry about!

Guardian Angels For Soldier's Pets

Military Foster Program

Dogs On Deployment

Fostering Military Pets

+ Become a trainer or volunteer to work with and train service dogs for veterans

Do you love dogs and enjoy helping people? Become a trainer or volunteer to work with and train service dogs for veterans! You can change a life by helping pair a veteran with a companion that will help him or her heal from the aftermath of war.

Patriot Paws

Canines For Service (NC)

Fidelco Guide Dog Foundation (CT)

+ Volunteer to be a weekend puppy trainer, serve as an advisor on the board of directors, work in the kennels and/or host fundraising events for America’s VetDogs

Many veterans and service members suffer from emotional injury and/or physical injury as a result of serving in the line of duty. Both service dogs and emotional support dogs provide veterans and service members with the support needed to better function in the civilian world. By volunteering your time and engaging with organizations that help provide veterans with service dogs, you help veterans, service members and their families cope and heal.

America's VetDogs

Arts & Crafts

+ Volunteer or instruct an art class for our veterans & active duty service members

Art is a powerful tool for coping that can provide veterans and service members with a positive, emotional outlet. Putting energy into art allows people to express how they feel and channel their thoughts and emotions into their work. Volunteering to participate in or instruct an art class allows you to encourage veterans and service members to continue their journey towards improving their mental health!

American Healing Arts Foundation (AZ)

Soldiers Who Salsa (CA, CO, MA, MD, HI, DC)


+ Send a care package to deployed soldiers

Deployments send soldiers thousands of miles away from home for extended periods of time. Often soldiers feel homesick and lonely. Filling care packages with activities, cards, movies and music can offer a welcome distraction from the realities of deployment and war. You can remind soldiers that they are not forgotten and that they are greatly missed by sending a care package.

Any Soldier

Adopt A Soldier

Operation Gratitude

Support Our Troops

Hero Care Packages

+ Put together a customized care package to support military women by supplying them with needed feminine care products and other useful items

You can make a deployed service woman’s day by sending her a care package filled with the items she doesn’t have access to abroad! Items as simple as hair ties, bobby pins, and books are great to send. Plus, sending a care package lets service women know that you are thinking about them and are grateful for their service and sacrifice.

Operation Courage Is Beautiful

Women's Care Package

What Women Hope For

+ Host a card-making event to stay in touch with deployed soldiers, to say thank you to veterans for their service or to send holiday cheer

Making and sending cards are great ways to show service members and veterans your appreciation for their sacrifices. A thank you letter can make everything they do (or did) worthwhile, and a card received during the holidays can boost moral! Consider turning your card making endeavors into a fun social event by inviting friends and family to join you!

Operation Write Home

Holidays For Heroes

Operation Gratitude

+ Enjoy sewing? Make clothing for veterans and wounded warriors

When wounded service members leave the military, they face the challenge of supporting themselves as they transition into the civilian world. Some unfortunately do not have the capabilities or support to buy new clothes. By using your skills and volunteering to make clothing for wounded warriors, you provide a much needed service that will help restore honor and dignity.

Sew Much Comfort

Soldiers' Angels

The Ships Project

Bev's Country Cottage

+ Put your quilting skills to work and make a quilt for a veteran or servicemember

Do you have a talent or passion for quilting? Wrap a veteran or service member in hope, healing and support by providing him/her with a quality quilt. In doing so, you can give back and say thank you for their service!

Quilts Of Valor

American Hero Quilts

Quilts Of Honor

Business & Employment

+ Learn about the advantages and benefits of hiring veterans

It may seem difficult to hire people that will perform to your satisfaction in the workplace. Hiring veterans will make this task easier! Many are disciplined, driven and have the skills you are looking for. Consider hiring a veteran and learn more about the advantages and benefits of hiring veterans!

Easter Seals

Bradley-Morris INC

10 Reasons To Hire Vets

US Department Of Veterans Affairs

+ Provide your services to transitioning wounded warriors, veterans, & military spouses by conducting a "Warrior Transition Workshop" to help with information on the job search, resume writing, interview skills, networking, & more

Remember searching for your first job? You had to find a job you were interested in, write an impressive resume and make it through the interview process. Imagine being a veteran fresh out of the military with little to no experience searching for a job. Help make the transition easier for service members, veterans and their spouses by holding a Warrior Transition Workshop or volunteering to mentor them.

Healing Heroes Network

American Corporate Partners

WHW Empowering Employment Success

+ Help accelerate the ability of veterans and their families to start and succeed as small business owners

Small businesses are vital to our economy. Do your part and support both your community and veteran business owners and their families. Provide your entrepreneurial expertise and mentor small business owners in order to help them succeed!

SCORE: Veteran Fast Launch

American Corporate Partners


+ Support veterans, military spouse entrepreneurs and business owners

With so many options to buy products and services from different businesses, why not choose to support veterans and the military community in the process? Buying from and using services provided by veterans, military spouse entrepreneurs and business owners keeps them in business and shows your gratitude for their service.

The Rosie Network

Buy Veteran


+ Companies: organize a suit drive that provides transitioning service members with business attire

Do you remember how expensive it was putting together an appropriate, professional wardrobe when beginning your first job? When service members leave the military for the civilian world, they are faced with the price of trading their uniform for a suit. Help transitioning service members by organizing a drive or donating a suit or other professional attire to donation centers across the country.

Save A Suit (CT)

Dress For Success

Suit A Warrior

+ Donate gently worn, professional clothing to Dress for Success or other consignment organizations to help female veterans get a job

The pressure to look your best in the workplace can be overwhelming, especially for transitioning service women. The financial strain of having to afford a whole new wardrobe in order to enter a new professional setting can be difficult to manage. You can help by donating your gently used professional clothing to Dress for Success or other consignment businesses that provide affordable clothing options for women.

Purple Heart Pick Up

Dress For Success

Wardrobe For Opportunity

Donate Apparel

+ Businesses: offer discounts to our service members, veterans, and their families

Thank the servicemen and women who risk their lives in the line of duty in order to protect your freedoms. Offer discounts to service members, veterans and their families. Doing so not only helps them and their families, but also helps establish a positive reputation for your business! It’s a small thank you for a big sacrifice.


"Why Should I Offer A Military Discount?"

People prefer to support organizations that stand by a cause they believe in. Develop cause-related marketing strategies that focuses on veterans, service members and their families. This not only helps your business but also helps service members, veterans and their families by raising awareness and encouraging support.

Cause Related Marketing

Veteran Strong


Community Building

+ Military families and veterans dealing with post-deployment and reintegration challenges: discover the help you need

It is never easy for veteran and military families to deal with post-deployment and reintegration challenges. At times, it may seem like you are alone. Utilize the resources available to you in order to make your challenges a little less challenging.

Create The Good

American Red Cross

National Military Family Association

Code of Support Foundation

+ Volunteer to support military spouses

Armed service members would not be able to do what they do without the support of their spouses. That is why it is important to not only support veterans and service members, but also their loved ones. Do so by volunteering and learning more about what they go through in order to gain a greater appreciation and understanding of how they serve our country.

Supporting Military Spouses

How To Support Military Spouses

13 Ways To Show Your Support

+ Adopt a military service member or a military family and provide support during deployment

It’s not easy being apart from a loved one during deployment. At times, both service members and their family members feel quite alone. By adopting a military service member or a military family member you provide them with support, encouragement and friendship.

Spirit Of Sharing

Operation We Are Here

Homefront Hugs

Operation Christmas Spirit

+ Reach out to military families in your community and offer your friendship

Imagine how difficult it would be to uproot and move your family every 2-3 years. Military families often must relocate and start over in new communities. By reaching out and offering your friendship, you can provide military families with support and a feeling of belonging in their new community.

Why Appreciate Military Families?

18 Ways To Reach Out

Why Military Families Make The Best Friends

+ Military family members preparing for a deployment: take a coping-with-deployment course

The emotional toll deployments have on military family members is strenuous. Taking a course that teaches family members how to cope with deployment can better prepare you and your family for dealing with such a drastic change. It can offer useful resources and tools that provide a sense of reassurance and support as well.

American Red Cross

Project ADAPT

How To Help

Blue Star Families

+ Organize a blood drive, volunteer at a blood drive, or give blood for service members, veterans, & their families

In war zones, injuries and casualties are unavoidable. When soldiers are wounded and suffer from a loss of blood, they rely on the blood donations given to the ASBP. By donating blood, you help ensure that no soldier goes without help!

Armed Services Blood Program

3 Easy Steps


+ Provide childcare for service members, veterans and their families

Moving from new place to new place can make it difficult for military families to find reliable, affordable childcare. Provide your services to military and veteran families. Having access to dependable childcare assures these families that their children are in good hands.


Sitter City

Child Care Aware

+ Military parents, family and friends, learn how to care for your children during and after deployments

Children are greatly affected by the deployment of their parents. Take action and learn how to help your child adjust and cope during a time of transition. They will surely benefit in the long term!

Camp C.O.P.E.

Real Warriors

Children Coping With Deployment

+ Nominate a deserving family to win a decorated home for the holiday season

The holiday season is a time of giving! Help out a local military family by nominating them to receive a decorated home for the holidays. This will provide lucky families with a sense of community and holiday cheer!

Christmas Decor

+ Are you a friend or family member of veteran who is in need of help but aren’t sure how to motivate them to do so? Receive coaching from licensed psychologists & social workers who can help

It’s never easy to motivate people to reach out and get help when you are unsure of how to do so. Friends and family members of veterans can help their loved ones by getting help from licensed professionals. They can teach you what to do and how to help!

Coaching Into Care

National Center For PTSD

Help Your Veteran Get Needed Care

+ Veteran family members living with Post Traumatic Stress and/or Traumatic Brain Injury: find peer support, information and coping techniques

When veterans return from deployment suffering from Post Traumatic Stress (PTSD) and/or Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI), their families are directly affected. Family members should know that they are not alone. Establishing a network of peer support and learning coping strategies can help alleviate the strain of living with PTSD or TBI and can help strengthen strained relationships.

Familiy Of A Vet

Love Our Vets

Family & Friends

+ Buy a wheelchair for a veteran

Imagine returning from service, injured without access to needed medical equipment. Help out a wounded veteran by donating a wheelchair and providing him/her with mobilization. By providing a vet with mobilization, you open doors that can lead to a better life.

The Global Wheelchair Mission


Amerian Wheelchair Mission

+ Cook/Bake for a military or veteran family

Military and veteran families often deal with emotional stress that takes up much of their time and energy. Help them out by preparing a meal or baking for them! Your thoughtfulness and kindness will make their lives easier and will show you care!

Meal Train

Help Provide Meals

Feed Our Vets

+ Learn about our military children & families and how you you can help support and connect with them

Unless you are apart of the military community, it is difficult to understand what they experience day-to-day. By learning about military children and their families, you gain insight into military culture and understand what they may need. This better enables you to support and connect with them, resulting in a more inclusive community!

Military Child

‘Military Children’: Their Struggles, Sacrifices And Strengths

Dear Civilians

National Military Family Association

+ Give a ‘Shower in a Box’ to a military mom-to-be to show your appreciation

Becoming expectant parents is both exciting and scary. It may be difficult to gather the funds needed to buy all the necessary supplies for having a baby. Giving a “Shower in a Box” is an easy way to show your support and help supply expectant military parents with useful items!

Operation Shower

Baby Shower In-A-Box

The Mouse House

+ Build a network of support for your local veteran & military communities by connecting them with community organizations and other community members in an effort towards inclusion and integration

Being apart of veteran and military communities often leaves people feeling isolated from surrounding civilian communities. Show your acceptance and support for veteran and military families by encouraging them to engage with community organizations and their neighbors. Every military family hopes to feel as though they belong. Do your part and help build a network of support!

Points Of Light


American Legion

+ Meet the current requests of wounded veteran families

The strain of taking care of a wounded veteran can be extremely taxing on the caregiver and the veteran’s family members. Helping to alleviate this strain by meeting the current requests of wounded veteran families can be incredibly helpful and supportive. Get in contact with a local VA or the Quality of Life Foundation to find out how you can do your part!

Quality Of Life Foundation

Simple Ways To Help

VA Hospital Locations

+ Read to children of military families

Share your love for reading with children of military families! Books can take you anywhere and can spark imagination. For a military child, this can come in handy when he/she moves frequently and faces the challenge of starting over in a new place.

Reach Out & Read

Reading Partners

The Reading Connection (DC Metro Area)

+ Show your support for our military & veteran communities while giving back to the organizations that provide the support & services they need by volunteering your time

It’s easy to show your support for military and veteran communities! Try volunteering to lead one of your local Blue Star Families chapters or buy and wear a “survival strap”, proceeds going towards supporting the men and women in the Armed Services.

Blue Star Families

Our Heroe's Journey

Our Forgotten Warriors

Survial Strap

+ Be a camp counselor or mentor for military children & children of the fallen

Become a role model for military children and the children of the fallen while volunteering to work as a camp counselor or mentor! Working as a camp counselor is a great way to spend the summer and impact kids’ lives. It’s hard to imagine just what military children go through, and by leading them at camp, you can gain insight and understanding as well.

Big Brothers & Big Sisters Of America


4-H Military Partnerships

+ Learn more about veteran homelessness and how you can help

11% of the adult homeless population are veterans. 51% of homeless veterans have disabilities and 50% live with mental illness. Learn more about veteran homelessness and how you can help. In doing so, you can help save lives and give back to the service men and women who served to protect your freedoms!

National Coalition For Homeless Veterans

Homeless Veterans

Homeless Veterans Task Force

+ Plant a community garden in honor of our armed service members and veterans

If you are looking for a way to use your gardening skills and bring your community together, then consider planting a community garden! You can help beautify your community and provide affordable access to organic, healthy foods. You can also dedicate your garden to our armed service members and veterans as a way to say thank you for their service and sacrifice!

American Community Garden Association

Healthy Places

Donations & Drives

+ Donate your unwanted or used vehicle, motorhome or boat to help disabled or homeless Vet’s and their families

Most Americans require a vehicle to get to and from work and to run various errands. By donating your unwanted or used vehicles to veterans, you can help them better both their lives and the lives of their families.

Cars Helping Veterans

Vehicles For Veterans

Vans For Vets

Auto/Boat/RV Donations

+ Donate an unused or unwanted bicycle to a veteran in need

Transitioning from military life to civilian life can be difficult for veterans, especially if they do not have a means of transportation. You can help a veteran in need by donating your unused or unwanted bicycle! You will be providing a veteran with a cost effective, low maintenance way to get from point A to point B.

Vet Bikes

Pick Up Please

A Desperate Need

+ Donate unused cell phones for service members and veterans to Cell Phones for Soldiers

If you have recently upgraded to a new cell phone and don’t know what to do with your old one or happen to have extras lying around not being used, consider donating them to Cell Phones for Soldiers. You can help connect deployed soldiers to their family and friends while thousands of miles away for extended periods of time.

Cell Phones For Soldiers

+ Donate your unused computers and laptops to a veteran

One of the best ways for service members to reintegrate into the civilian world is by getting an education. Today, it is almost impossible to receive a degree in higher education without a computer or laptop. By donating your unused computers and laptops to a veteran, you can help them work towards a degree, bettering both their life and the lives of their family members.

Tech For Troops

Pick Up Please

Computers With Causes

+ Organize a suit drive that provides transitioning service members with business attire to look their best at work

When a service member transitions from military life to civilian life, they face the challenge of entering the civilian job force. To do so, he or she must look professional. This involves trading in their uniform for expensive business attire. Make their transition easier by organizing a suit drive where your employees and other people can donate business attire to transitioning service members.

Save A Suit (CT)

Dress For Success

Suit A Warrior

+ Donate clothes, furniture, kitchen appliances, etc. to families at the Veterans Association of America or through the Purple Heart Pickup program

Do you have extra clothes, furniture, kitchen appliances, etc. that you don’t know what to do with? Rather than throwing your unwanted belongings out, donate them to a veteran or military family in need of basic amenities! It’s easy to schedule a pick-up time with the below organizations to donate your items!

Veterans Association of America

Purple Heart Pick Up

VVA Pick Up

+ Support expecting parents and families with babies by donating to provide them with diapers, wipes and baby carriers

You can make a difference in the lives of expecting parents and families by helping supply them with needed diapers, wipes and baby carriers. The price of diapers and wipes quickly adds up and can become difficult to continue affording them when you don’t have the funds. Donating a baby carrier can cover the cost and offer one less thing for families to worry about.

National Diaper Bank

The Carry On Project

The Rebecca Foundation's Cloth Diaper Closet

+ Help provide clothing to veteran and military families who have children between the ages of 0-12 years by donating to Baby2Baby

Every parent knows that their kids do not stay the same size their whole lives. As they grow, they will need new clothes. For military and veteran families struggling financially, it can become difficult to continue buying new clothes for their children. Donate the clothes that your children have outgrown of to Baby2Baby in order to help clothe children in need.


+ Support the Good+ Foundation in its efforts to provide lower income veteran and military families with basic necessities by volunteering to organize a drive to collect essential items or provide a monetary donation

Baby supplies adds up. Diapers, wipes, food, strollers, car seats. For lower income veteran and military families, affording these necessities can be difficult. Help alleviate the stress of affording baby supplies by organizing a drive and donating to the GOOD+ Foundation.

GOOD+ Foundation (CA & NY)

Education In Schools

+ Arrange to have a ‘Character Does Matter’ presentation that engages students to serve, directly impacting their local communities while carrying on the legacies of our nation’s Fallen Heroes

Children are the future. Kick start their passion for service by holding a presentation that encourages them and teaches them the importance of service for their community and for our nation’s service men and women.

Character Does Matter

+ Teachers: invite veterans to share their stories in your classroom or school for Career Day or Veterans Day

One of the best ways to educate students about veterans and the military is by having one speak to your students in person. Hearing their stories and their experiences will instill a sense of respect and pride for America’s service members, veterans and their families.

Take A Vet To School Day


American Legion

+ Host a Veterans Assembly

There is no better way to celebrate Veteran’s Day at your school than by holding a Veteran’s Day assembly. Honor our nation’s veterans by hosting guest veteran speakers, holding veteran and military themed activities and informational presentations. Students will love it, and they will learn how important our veterans are to our country.

Veterans Day Assembly Ideas

Veterans Day Assembly Script

National Education Association

+ Incorporate Veterans Day Activities into your curriculum

Students always enjoy activities that extend beyond normal class curriculum. This Veteran’s Day, incorporate commemoration activities into your plans and offer fun ways to teach students about the sacrifices veterans made. There are a variety of great activities to choose from, including flag raising ceremonies, poster contests and creative writing assignments to name a few.

Commemoration Activities

Celebrating America's Freedoms

Operation We Are Here

Health Services

+ Learn about the ‘invisible wounds of war’ and challenges facing military families, and how to help

It’s easy to sympathize with wounded soldiers who suffer from physical injuries. It’s more difficult to see the invisible wounds of war. By learning about them and the challenges facing service members, veterans and their family members you gain a new understanding and respect for what they deal with.

Home Base Program

Invisible Wounds of War Project

US Army

+ Teach yoga to veterans and the military community

Yoga can support the recovery and resilience of service members, veterans and their families. Give back to these communities by teaching yoga! Help them work towards overall well being, mind, body, and soul.

Veterans Yoga Project

Give Back Yoga

Yoga Warriors

+ Provide mental health counseling to service members, veterans, & their families

The emotional toll serving in the Armed Forces has on service members, veterans and their families and its impact on their mental health cannot be ignored. It may be difficult for them to reach out and get help for their problems. Offering to provide mental health counseling can help both their coping and healing processes.

The Soldier Project (IL, PA, WA, NY, CA, WY, TX)

Give An Hour


+ Volunteer to drive veterans to doctor appointments

Looking for a way to say thank you to veterans for their service? Volunteer to drive veterans to and from doctor appointments. In doing so, you can have a lasting impact on their lives by helping them receive the medical care they need!

Drive A Van

VA Voluntary Service

Lending A Hand

+ Volunteer at your local VA

Volunteer your time and skills to help out at your local VA! They are always in need of volunteers for a variety of different tasks. Though you cannot repay veterans for their service, you can show your appreciation for all they have done in their efforts to protect our freedoms.

VFW: VA Voluntary Service

VA Voluntary Service

VA Locations

Home & Housing Services

+ Provide cleaning services to disabled or elderly veterans

Everyone deserves to have a clean home. For disabled and elderly veterans it can be difficult to clean their homes on their own and it may be difficult to afford a cleaning service. If you own or operate a cleaning service and wish to give back to the veteran community, partner with Cleaning for Heroes, the only non-profit organization that offers free cleaning services to veterans.

Cleaning For Heroes

A Clean Home For Every Veteran

+ Help a disabled veteran with yard work

For disabled and elderly veterans, maintaining a yard can be difficult. By offering your services or volunteering with Project Evergreen through either their GreenCare for Troops or SnowCare for Troops, you can really help the veteran community.

Project Evergreen

"Volunteer Organization Offers Free Yard Care"

+ If you enjoy building and construction projects, participate in a veterans home build in your area

Homelessness is a significant problem for our veteran community. If you enjoy building and construction projects, participating in home builds around your area is a great way for you to help veterans and provide them with a place to call home.

Homes For Our Troops

Building Homes For Heroes

Operation Finally Home

+ Make repairs on a veteran’s home

Over time, all homes need repairs. For veterans, it may be difficult for them to fix repairs themselves or to afford to pay someone to fix them. Help out by volunteering your time and skills to make repairs on a veteran’s home. It may seem like a small favor, but you will have a big impact on a veteran’s life.

Repair Corps Program

Volunteers Of America


Honor the Military

+ Participate in or watch a parade in honor of patriotic days

Parades are a great way to celebrate any patriotic day! Whether you participate in a parade or watch it, you can enjoy the feeling of unity and appreciation for all that our armed services have done for our freedoms. Check out what your community has planned for the next patriotic day!

National Independence Day Parade

Planning A Parade


+ Visit national/local memorials and monuments that honor the armed forces and veterans

With so many memorials and monuments that honor the armed forces and veterans throughout the country, it's easy to visit one! Take the time to reflect on and appreciate the sacrifices made, the lives lost, and the freedoms we enjoy by visiting national or local memorials and monuments. Plus, most are free to attend!

National Memorials

National Monuments

National Mall

+ Talk to and listen to a veteran

Taking the time to talk to and really listen to a veteran means more to them than you can know. Veterans love sharing their stories, and they can teach you so much. You will most likely take away a powerful lesson from your conversation and you will have made a veteran’s day.

VA Locations


State Veterans Homes

+ Volunteer at or visit your local VA Hospital or veteran retirement home

Volunteering at your local VA Hospital or veteran retirement home is a remarkable way to serve and give back to the veteran community. Both facilities are always looking for help, and their residents love having new people to talk to! Take time out of your week to engage with a life changing act of service.

VA Locations


State Veterans Homes

+ Create a patriotic playlist

Music has the power to unite people from all facets of life. It strengthens our beliefs and reinforces our values. Create a patriotic playlist to share in unity with your fellow Americans, celebrating and honoring the freedoms our service men and women fight so hard to protect.




+ Wear purple to show your support and gratitude for military children and their service during April, the month of the military child

Our military children make many sacrifices in order for their parents to serve and protect our freedoms. They uproot their lives with each move and tough out long deployments away from their parents. Say thank you and show your support by wearing purple during the month of April, the month of the military child.

Month Of The Military Child

Purple Up

Why Is It Important?

+ Celebrate National Military Appreciation Month each May

Our service members, veterans and their families have sacrificed so much to protect and serve our country. Each May, make an effort to do something special in honor of National Military Appreciation Month. It is great way to say thank you and show your appreciation and respect for our military.


Military Appreciation Month Observances

The White House

+ Partake in the National Moment of Remembrance each Memorial Day at 3 p.m. for a minute of silence

Memorial Day is a day to remember those who have lost their lives in the line of duty. Taking one minute out of your day to observe a moment of silence allows you to reflect and remember our fallen soldiers. It’s easy to do and means so much!

Memorial Day


Statement on Signing the National Moment of Remembrance Act

+ Fly the American flag at your home or place of business to honor service members, veterans and their families

13 stripes for the 13 original colonies. 50 stars for the 50 states. Red for valor and bravery. White for purity and innocence. Blue for vigilance, perseverance, and justice. Proudly fly the American flag and support the men and women of our Armed Services and their families.

American Flag Significance

History Of The American Flag


+ Call or write your Congressional Representatives to demand reforms to Tricare, the VA and other pro-military legislation

We elect our Congressional Representatives to represent what we, the people, want. Speak up and push your representative to propose reform to Tricare, the VA and other pro-military legislation to continue supporting our service member and veteran communities.

US House Of Representatives

House Committee On Veterans Affairs

+ Vote on legislation in support of veterans/military care and their families

Your voice is important, so make it be heard! When legislation appears on the ballot, take action and vote in favor of bills that support veterans, service members and their families.

US House Of Representatives

House Committee On Veterans Affairs

National Conference Of State Legislatures

US Senate

Legal Services

Some circumstances result in a service member losing his or her benefits when they shouldn’t have. They also face the challenge of affording legal help. Say thank you for their service by providing free legal services.

Veterans Consortium Pro Bono Program

Veterans Legal Services Initiative

Become A Pro Bono Attorney (Northern Virginia)

Other Interests

+ Christmas tree growers & retailers, donate trees to troops & military families

The Christmas season is a time of giving . Unfortunately, military service members may be away from their families during the holidays. Show your appreciation for their service by donating christmas trees to troops and military family members.

Trees For Troops (CA, GA, IL, KS, ME, MD, MI, MN, MO, NE, NH/VT, NY, NC, PA, SC, VA, WI)

+ Share in faith and fellowship by ministering to members of the military and their families

Do you have a strong faith base and enjoy sharing it with others? Consider sharing in faith and fellowship by ministering to military and veteran communities. Finding unity in faith helps build support and instill hope and strength.

Chaplaincy And Care

Ministry To The Military

Cru Military

+ Provide free haircuts to homeless veterans

Are you a hairdresser looking to give back to the veteran community? Offer free haircuts to homeless veterans. You can provide them with a luxury service that will help restore some of their dignity which means more to them than you can know.

Grooming For Success (CA)

Share A Haircut

Globe-Trotting Hairdresser

+ Bridal salons and designers, host a gown giveaway or donate a gown for a military bride-to-be

After getting married, many brides are unsure of what to do with their dresses. You really can only wear your wedding dress once, so what do you do with it? Rather than letting it sit in a box acquiring dust, consider donating it to a military bride-to-be, providing them with an affordable option to make their special day magical.

Brides Accross America

Donate My Wedding Dress

Every Girl's Dream

+ Civilians, serve alongside veterans to better your communities

Serving alongside veterans to better your community is a great way to enrich both your life and the lives of veterans. There are many opportunities to engage with organizations that link civilians and veterans to community service. Get involved with Habitat for Humanity and build houses for veterans and their families, or join the Mission Continues and become a part of a service platoon! Explore the numerous opportunities to get involved and positively impact your community.

Habitat For Humanity

The Mission Continues

Team RWB

+ Support disabled and needy veterans by purchasing Buddy Poppies

Looking to help support disabled and needy veterans? Easily do so by purchasing VFW Buddy Poppies! Buddy Poppies are assembled by veterans in VA Hospitals. The VFW compensates the veterans for their work and time, so you know your purchase makes a difference.

Buddy Poppies

How To Order

Veterans Behind The Buddy Poppies

+ Learn about, honor and celebrate Patriotic Days throughout the year

The Patriotic Days we celebrate throughout the year are both important and meaningful. Learning more about them can lead to a greater appreciation for our service members, veterans and their families. It can also make your celebrations even more meaningful to you!

Patriotic Days


"Patriotism Should Not Be Lacking"

+ Learn flag etiquette to honor the American symbol of freedom and those who serve

Learning flag etiquette is a simple and easy way to show your support, respect and appreciation for our service members, veterans and their families. Take the time to explore flag code and incorporate it into your daily life.

Flag Etiquette

Rules On Flying The American Flag


Service Organizations

+ Join Student Veterans of America (SVA)

Help support veteran efforts to achieve postsecondary degrees or certificates by joining Student Veterans of America (SVA)! Joining a local chapter allows you to mentor and help undergraduate veterans succeed in their education and explore possible career paths.


Get Involved

+ Volunteer with U.S. Vets

Reintegration into civilian life remains a difficult task for veterans when they have completed their service. U.S. Vets works to provide veterans with comprehensive care, addressing mental health, employment, substance use and case management. By engaging and volunteering with U.S. Vets, you can help homeless and at risk veterans achieve a better future for both themselves and their families.

USVets (CA, HI, AZ, TX, NV, DC)

+ Volunteer to place flags on grave sites

The ultimate sacrifice service men and women can make is giving their lives in honor of protecting and serving the American people. Honor those who have fallen by placing American flags on grave sites. In doing so, you allow their memories to live on.


American Legion

Tips On Placing Flags

+ Civilians, join your local clubs and get involved to give back to your communities

Are you unsure how to get involved and help the veteran and military communities? Check out your local service clubs to find great resources and opportunities to volunteer! Even consider joining one! Contact your local VFW to find out ways you can get involved and help veterans in your community.


American Legion

Corporation For National & Community Service

One World Center



Sports & Outdoors

+ Golf with a veteran or wounded warrior

Enjoy a leisurely game of golf with someone who may have served in the Gulf! You may find that golfing with a veteran or a wounded warrior can lead to a life changing experience. You never know what they may share and, who knows? You may come away with a new friend.

Veteran Golfers Association

The Salute Military Gold Association (DC/MD, NY, TX, MA, RI, HI, CO, WA, NC)


Wounded Warrior Project

+Run with a veteran

Running is always more fun with a friend! Take the opportunity to run with a veteran through one of the provided resources. You can show your respect and appreciation for their service by breaking a sweat and building community.

10K & Walk in DC (DC)

I Run For Wounded Veterans

Team Red, White, & Blue

Visual & Performing Arts

+ Dancers, musicians, & actors: volunteer to help veterans heal through the arts

Share your passion for visual and performing arts by volunteering to help veterans heal through the arts! By channeling energy and emotion into art, veterans are able to express themselves and deal with the emotional injuries resulting from their service. Volunteering to help veterans also provides a way for you to show your appreciation and gratitude for the sacrifices they have made in order to protect our freedoms.

Soldiers Who Salsa (CA, CO, MA, MD, HI, DC)

American Dance Wheels

Veterans National Entertainment Workshop

+ Read, write and share poetry in honor of service members, veterans and their families

Poetry is a beautiful way to express emotion. Honor service members, veterans and their families by reading, writing and sharing poetry that centers around their community. It’s an amazing, meaningful way to say thank you and show your gratitude.

Poems For Veterans

Military Poems

+ Use your love of photography to help our nation's service members, veterans and their families by providing your skills

Donate your time and talents to photograph military service members and their families before, during and after deployments! Your services will provide both service members and their families with a sense of comfort and a warm reminder of home to look to during long deployments.

Hearts Apart

Operation Love Reunited

Welcome Them Home

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