About the Code: Standing with Our Troops and Veterans

Many Americans want to support our troops, veterans and their families, but wonder how they can help. The Code of Support Foundation (COSF) is giving Americans a way to do so. 

Leading the way in supporting the nation’s military and veteran communities, COSF is encouraging all Americans to sign our online Code of Support. They stood for us. Now, we must stand with them.

More than Words: Demonstrate We’ve Got Their Backs

Mirroring the Military Code of Conduct, the Code is a set of six simple promises all Americans can make, giving real meaning to the words, “support our troops.”

By signing the Code, we show service members, veterans and their families our deepest gratitude.  We also pledge full support and commitment to sharing the responsibility for preserving America's freedom.

How It Started

Prior to founding COSF, retired Army Major General Alan B. Salisbury worked with a dedicated team of military and civilian leaders to develop the “Code of Support” for our troops as a parallel document to the military “Code of Conduct,” in which service members pledge that they are prepared to give their lives in defense of our country. The Code of Support is a set of six simple promises all Americans can make to give meaning to the words, “support our troops”.

Ryan Seacrest Endorses the Code

Please join prominent Americans, from many backgrounds, who have already signed the Code, including:

  • President Jimmy Carter & Rosalynn Carter

  • Former Senators Bob & Elizabeth Dole

  • Donald Rumsfeld, Chuck Hagel & William Cohen, Former Secretaries of Defense

  • Admiral Michael Mullen, USN (Ret.), Former Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff

  • Kathryn Sullivan, Former NOAA Administrator, first American woman to walk in space

  • Tom Brokaw, Dan Rather, George Will, Cokie Roberts, Eleanor Clift, & Steve Roberts, Journalists

  • Evan Thomas, Jon Meacham, Walter Isaacson, Journalists and Historians

  • Ryan Seacrest, Entertainer

  • Robert Irvine, Chef, Restaurant Impossible

  • Lee Greenwood, Country Singer, Songwriter

  • Mario Andretti, Car Racing Legend

  • Whitey Ford, NY Yankees Hall of Famer

  • Rocky Bleier, NFL Legend & Purple Heart Recipient

  • Roger Staubach & Sonny Jurgensen, NFL Legends

  • John Hennessy, Chairman of Alphabet, Inc,

  • Vincent G. Cerf, “Father of the internet”