Inspired by Code of Support’s Board Member Glenn Archer, Archer’s Challenge aims to raise awareness of the issues facing many military and veteran families across the nation. Both an Air Force veteran and ultra-athlete himself, Archer knows firsthand the importance of pushing yourself for an incredible cause.

Archer’s Challenge originally came about during the pandemic because in-person races were cancelled. Our team knew that people were looking for ways to stay active, take care of their mental health, and connect to individuals during lockdown. As a virtual competition, Archer’s Challenge ticked all those important boxes. Now, four years later, Archer’s Challenge is still going strong and helping spread awareness of the thousands of military and veteran families in crisis who need your support today. So the only question that remains is:
Are you up for the Challenge?

Alternatives to Archer’s Challenge

We get it – Not everyone LOVES to run or bike. That is why, as part of the 2023 Archer’s 100 Mile Challenge, Code of Support will be accepting any activity to count towards your mileage total!

We will do so through a three-step process:

  1. Convert your workout to steps per minute.
  2. Multiply your result by the number of minutes the workout lasted.
  3. Convert your total steps to miles.

It really is that easy using a few fun tools: The Workout Conversion Sheet and The Step to Mileage Converter.

For example, let’s say you took a dance class that lasted 45 minutes.

  1. According to the Workout Conversion Sheet, a dance class equates to 109 steps per minute.
  2. 109 steps x 45 minutes = 4,905 steps
  3. Using the Step to Mileage Converter, 4,905 steps = 2.32 miles.

So, your dance class can add 2.32 miles to your total mileage for Archer’s 100 Mile Challenge! The Workout Conversion Sheet has hundreds of fitness options, so be sure to check it out.