OUR IMPACT: Ellis and his mother Debby

Before deploying to the Middle East, Ellis had been a well-balanced, popular 18 year-old with a sense of humor and musical talent. But, when he came back from deployment, he withdrew from all of his old friends and replaced them with drugs and alcohol. Ellis's struggles culminated in April of 2012, when he put his wife and two young children in the car and raced down the interstate because, as he said, "The Mexican Mafia was coming after me and my family to kill us all."

That was the beginning of a 3 year journey in and out of psychiatric wards, prescription drugs that kept him in "zombie" mode, and struggles with the VA whose only solution was to lock him up and dope him up.

His family was almost out of hope. But when they received a tip from a friend about Code of Support Foundation, Debby figured it was worth one last shot. After working with Debby, we were able to help Ellis "find his way back home", not just physically, but emotionally as well. Now, not only is Ellis's case being handled by the head psychiatrist at their local V.A., but he also receives one-on-one, hour long sessions with a local therapist.

Code of Support Foundation also recognized that the emotional stress was taking it's toll on Debby. For three years, she had been in a dead-end maze of attempts to understand what had happened to her son and how it could be "fixed". She had pulled away from her friends and seldom left the house. So Code of Support Foundation stepped in and fought to get mental health counseling for Debby as well. We have stuck with their family the entire way, and continue to see them grow and regain happiness in ways they never thought they would be able to experience again.