A Special Message From MG Alan Salisbury, USA (Ret)

Dear Friend,

Today marks the 18th anniversary of 9/11. As thousands of Americans, along with citizens of some 90 countries, perished at the hands of merciless terrorists, America and the world watched in horror. Soon we were plunged into the longest war in American history. Twice as many men and women in uniform have since died in the Global War on Terror than died on that fateful day. There can be no more vivid example of what “service and sacrifice” means at the extreme.

Part of how we honor those lost on 9/11 is to take care of our veterans. Since 9/11, well over 2.5 million veterans of our current wars have since joined the ranks of America’s veteran population, most with families who, in their own way, have also served and sacrificed.  While most veterans have successfully transitioned back into civilian life, literally hundreds of thousands of veterans and their families are struggling.  Code of Support Foundation is dedicated to ensuring that every veteran gets the help that they need to thrive and survive.

Wherever you are, we encourage you to remember those lost on 9/11, and also those that were lost through their service because of what happened on that day.

Code of Support Foundation remembers – and strives to serve  – and we invite you to continue to be part of it.

Yours in service,

MG Alan Salisbury, USA (Ret)
Chairman, Code of Support Foundation