Harris Miller, President, Harris Miller & Associates

Harris Miller is President of Harris Miller & Associates, a consulting firm that specializes in government and public affairs, strategic planning, and organizational turnarounds.  He currently is consulting part-time on a non-compensated basis for organizations in which he is personally involved such as Redeem America’s Promise (Co-Founder), the Global Good Fund (Board Member), Code of Support Foundation (Board Member), the Fairfax Symphony (Board Member), the Virginia Opera (Development Committee), and the Heart and Vascular Institute at George Washington University. He previously served as CEO of two large trade associations, TechAmerica (then known as the Information Technology Association of America) and the Association of Private Sector Colleges and Universities.  In between, he got the Silver Medal in the 2006 Virginia US Senate Democratic nomination race, losing to Jim Webb who then went on to beat George Allen.

Mr. Miller has worked in senior staff positions in both the U.S. House of Representatives and U.S. Senate and in Jimmy Carter’s Administration.  He also served as Research Assistant in the British House of Commons to the Rt. Hon. Lord Roper, then John Roper, MP.  He has a BA summa cum laude from the University of Pittsburgh and an MPhil in political science from Yale. He has been published in academic and non-academic journals, and has been a guest speaker at conferences throughout the US and around the world.