Jason's Story

It was a training exercise for the 509th Regiment of the 4th Airborne Division...

The last in preparation for their upcoming deployment to Iraq when Jason’s parachute malfunctioned and he plummeted to the ground.

Jason lost both his legs and due to an infection from surgery, he is now permanently blind. For the rest of his life Jason is locked in a struggle to live independently.

When he finally was discharged from the hospital his wife, now his sole caregiver, began abusing Jason, both physically and emotionally.  Jason was beaten, his bank accounts were emptied, his wife turned the car in for cash and even pawned Jason’s wheelchair before leaving him.

Jason was abandoned, alone and living in a barn. He was at rock bottom. He had no one.


Our team is working with Jason to rebuild his life. Right now Jason has nothing. We are helping him relocate to San Antonio but when Jason gets there he will need to start rebuilding his life.

He needs transportation to get around, special-needs furniture for his house, and everything else that goes with re-starting his life and making his house truly a home. Our Veteran Peer Navigators are determined to stay with Jason until he is able to live and happy and independent life.

Every year our Veteran Peer Navigators help hundreds of our service members, veterans and their family members like Jason secure the assistance they need.

But we can’t do it alone. All this is only possible because of generous Americans like you who support our programs and enable the life-changing support to get to our veterans.