BRAT!!! That’s what we call our military kids. You might think we were being terrible parents, but we PROUDLY call our kids BRAT’s. They have earned it!!

From moving every few years, having to make new friends, adapting to new environments, and facing the long deployments and time without their dad or mom, those long separations with only emails and the occasional phone call to hear his or her voice, through all of this, they have earned the right to wear this badge of honor.

Being a military kid can be TOUGH, but it can also be fun, exciting, and full of adventure. We just have to keep in mind that this life is also saying goodbye too often and filled with moments of loneliness.  It is very different from the path their non-military friends will take. They may need an extra smidge of TLC, and a few more ‘checkups from the neck up’ to make sure they are coping with all we ask of them.

Because I am a military spouse and mom, I understand, only too clearly, what the military child goes through. They feel, see and endure so much because of what their parent (or parents) chose to do, not through any choice of their own.

April is the month of the military child, and all of us here on the PATRIOTlink® team and the entire Code of Support Foundation family would like to offer all our ‘BRAT’s’ our heartfelt thanks for everything they do to help our veterans and service members. We would like to let them know they are an important part of the support system for those who serve, and we stand with them just as wholeheartedly as we do the parents who volunteered to serve our great nation.