Alexandria, Va. – MG Alan Salisbury (USA Ret), chairman of the Code of Support Foundation, issued the following statement in response to news reports of substandard military housing:

Reports of mold and other problems with military housing are unacceptable and alarming.  Class action suits against contractors responsible for providing and maintaining the residential communities on military installations are understandable and necessary recourses when pleas for care and concern go unanswered. 

When service members are distracted with concerns over the health and wellbeing of their families, readiness is affected and further compounded by the serious health hazards associated with mold that can compromise the health of our troops and their loved ones.

As we prepare for the Thanksgiving holiday, which, appropriately, falls in Military Family Appreciation Month, there is no better time to remind ourselves of those Americans who have committed themselves to be put in harm’s way to protect our precious liberties and freedoms.  Their sacrifices should be honored in many ways, not the least of which is by providing quality and safe housing.

To address substandard, indeed, in many instances, clearly unhealthy housing, I urge all our military departments to immediately review their housing oversight and enforcement regimens to ensure adequate staffing, reporting procedures and resources are in place.  In particular, when it comes to military housing, contractors must be held to the highest standards.

Moreover, Congress must do its part and pass a budget to provide adequate funding for military housing needs and strict and responsive oversight of contractors, while still meeting critical modernization and manning needs.  

Active duty service members and their families are under enough stress, coping with multiple deployments, uprooting to new duty stations, and transitioning to civilian life.  We owe it to them to provide housing that is both safe and secure.


Court Ogilvie
(571) 213-2840
[email protected]

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