Monday the 22nd of February demonstrated the value and the strengths of Code of Support Foundation’s case coordination program.

In the morning, we received an emergency request from the parents of a veteran in distress.  Their son is suffering from post-traumatic stress and has been riding an emotional roller coaster since separating from the military. With his health declining, their son began to contemplate suicide.  Recognizing the danger he was in, he tried to check into a VA Medical Center for care – and was refused.

When his parents contacted Code of Support Foundation, his father was standing in the VA hospital, being told that his son might need to wait weeks – not for admission, but merely to begin the assessment process.

With the assistance of the Veterans’ Crisis Line and Code of Support Foundation’s contacts within the VA, the veteran was able to enter, that day, a long-term inpatient treatment program.  Moving forward, Code of Support Foundation’s team, from our case coordinators to the Program Director and the Executive Director, will work with him to ensure that he not only receives the care and support he needs, but also that he has the proper support network to make real, comprehensive improvements in his quality of life moving forward.

Later that same day, Code of Support Foundation was contacted by a family services advocate at an east coast Air Force base.  She laid out a startling story of an active duty Marine sergeant, based on the west coast, with a young child with a critical heart condition.  The advocate explained how the sergeant’s estranged wife had vanished with their child during the previous week before surfacing at the Air Force base.  With child protective services involved and surgery looming, it was imperative that the sergeant travel to the east coast as soon as possible to reclaim custody of his child.  His advocate called Code of Support Foundation.

In less than four hours, Code of Support Foundation had found and secured funding to put him on a plane across the country that very night.  By the next morning, Code of Support Foundation had facilitated a connection with the regional office of the American Red Cross to assist with his accommodations and expenses.

These individuals are actively engaged with Code of Support Foundation, and we have kept their stories intentionally vague to protect their privacy.  Our case coordination team helps hundreds of families like these every year.  And we’re only getting better at what we do.

***For information on the warning signs of possible suicide please click here.***

If you or someone you know is exhibiting these signs please dial:

The National Suicide Prevention Hotline

800-273-TALK (8255)

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