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This past week, the events in Afghanistan have been troubling to all of us at COSF and, no doubt, to our troops, veterans, and military families. While the immediate situation appears to be stabilizing a bit, the underlying issue for many remains the departure of the U.S from Afghanistan after twenty years of service and sacrifice on the part of millions of young men and women in uniform.

Our message to you and your families is a simple one: Be proud of what you have accomplished. In the wake of 9/11, you gave the American people twenty years of freedom from another major terrorist attack. You brought the chief perpetrator of 9/11 to justice and dismantled his Al Qaeda organization. You gave a whole generation of Afghan people twenty years of freedom from oppression and the experience of what life in a free society can be like, especially for girls and women. You have left an indelible mark on the world with long-lasting implications. The American (and Afghan) people owe you a debt of gratitude.

We at COSF are here for you. Our services are only a few clicks away at PATRIOTlink.org or on our website at codeofsupport.org.

We, as your fellow veterans, salute you.

MG Alan B Salisbury, USA (Ret) Co-Founder & Chairman Emeritus

MG Alan B Salisbury, USA (Ret)
Co-Founder & Chairman Emeritus

The Honorable Robert M. Speer    Former Secretary of the Army  Chairman of the Board

The Honorable Robert M. Speer
Former Secretary of the Army
Chairman of the Board

If you know a veteran or service member’s family in need of support during this time, you can find no-cost, confidential resources through this helpful VA blog here.

You can help Code of Support continue to serve those impacted by the recent news from Afghanistan, as well as all veterans, caregivers, and military families who need our help.  Please consider joining our fall efforts below:

Toast To Our Troops:  This event raises critical funds for all the work of Code of Support, and this year marks our 10th anniversary in service to our veteran and military communities. The 2021 TTOT will be held on Thursday, October 7th, as a virtual event – completely free to watch nationwide. Please save the date, and in the meantime, consider:

  1. Becoming a sponsor: Toast To Our Troops sponsors receive benefits and recognition at the event for making our critical, front-line services available at no cost to veteran or military families in need. Explore sponsorship opportunities online.

  2. Donating to our live and silent auctions: Do you own or work for a business that would like to demonstrate your support for our troops, veterans, and families? Last year, our auction was filled with unique experiences, gorgeous artwork, and gift cards for use across the country. Every item helps in our efforts to raise critical funds.

Archer's 100 Mile Challenge
Archer’s 100 Mile Challenge

Lastly, don’t forget it’s August and the last month for Archer’s Challenge. Please make your pledges and support our generous Archer’s champions before it’s too late!

It’s GIVEAWAY time! Join us in celebrating our 10th year by sharing your story. When you do, you’ll be entered for a chance to win a Code of Support Swag Bag!

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Podcast Special Episode

If you haven’t listened yet, tune in to our special episode of Profiles in Service with Kristy and Alan!

P.S. Calling all volunteers – We have a virtual volunteer opportunity! Do you have a passion for service to the military and veteran community? If so, PATRIOTlink® needs your help!

Our team is working to bring as many vetted, free, direct resources to those in need nationwide via PATRIOTlink. If you are interested in assisting us, please email the PATRIOTlink team at: [email protected]

*If you or someone you know is a service member, veteran, caregiver or military family member in need of assistance, please fill out an application at www.codeofsupport.org/get-help or create a free account at www.PATRIOTlink.org.

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