March is Brain Injury Awareness Month. Here at Code of Support, we see how brain injuries impact lives every single day. From PTSD to TBI to everything in between, our case managers are trained provide care to those suffering from the injury, as well as support their loved ones.

Our case managers also understand that, while a brain injury is a chronic condition, those who are injured can still live wonderful, fulfilling lives. That’s why we are joining the #MoreThanMyBrainInjury campaign – to help break the sigma surrounding brain injuries.

In honor of Brain Injury Awareness Month, we are sharing a client testimonial from the archives. Back in 2018, Kim, a mother and full-time caregiver, came to Code of Support when she desperately needed assistance with her son’s brain injuries:


Years of trying to deal all alone with a veteran son that came home from Iraq, disabled with PTSD, a TBI, along with some physical injuries… Asking for help is not what I was told to do growing up. And when I did ask, the constant rejection made us feel unworthy. It was at a very low time in my life when I connected with Code of Support.

The beautiful lady Marjorie Pennington became my son’s advocate and my guide… And now my son is on a path of treatment and support. From total bleakness, I now have hope of a better life, for my son and myself. To say we were saved just in time, is the most honest statement, I can give you. I thank Code of Support for pulling us from the dark and becoming the closest to a family we have.


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