Code of Support Foundation today introduced  PATRIOTlink®, the nation’s first cloud-based resource solution that enables any user free access to vetted, direct, cost-free, veteran services.  PATRIOTlink users can include individuals such as service members, veterans, caregivers, and their families as well as social service agencies and government organizations who support veterans and the caregiver population.

“We developed PATRIOTlink® as a result of our own veteran peer navigators’ experience in seeking the resources needed by our clients in crisis,” said MG Alan B. Salisbury, USA (Ret.) and CEO of Code of Support Foundation. “There are tens of thousands of resources purporting to help veterans and their families, all with varying scope and eligibility requirements. PATRIOTlink®’s cloud-based service solution effectively navigates through this enormously complex landscape and quickly identifies appropriate resources, based on the veteran’s specific needs and ability to meet the eligibility requirements.

PATRIOTlink’s exclusive navigation design guides the user through a custom intuitive search for direct and cost-free veteran services using two key features.

The first is the Eligibility Criteria feature which concentrates the user’s search based on key demographics to include service era, disability rating, discharge status, deployment history, and geographic coverage. The second is the Service Tag feature which allows the user to identify a range of resources, e.g., mental health, legal services, employment, housing, and financial counseling he or she is seeking, augmented by sub-tags to more precisely target needed services. The result is a significant reduction in the amount of time it takes the user to find the specific assistance that is often lacking from other platforms or search engines.

Just as importantly, PATRIOTlink also has an Analytics Dash Board that captures search data in communities and across the nation. This feature can help identify a lack of services as well as trends in the veteran and caregiver population within a community or nationally in real time, allowing policy makers and key leaders to make more informed decisions.

PATRIOTlink is both a tactical and strategic holistic solution that facilitates the much needed integration of efforts among veteran support organizations. Since 2016, Code of Support Foundation has piloted PATRIOTlink in over 50  organizations across the country including, Catholic Charities, National Guard, The American Red Cross National Military and Caregiver Network, Psych Armor, Elizabeth Dole Foundation, Volunteers of America, USO, Service Women Action Network, Homes For Our Troops, and Project Sanctuary. These pilot users have provided valuable feedback which has helped guide the development efforts.

For an organization to be qualified for inclusion in PATRIOTlink, it must meet these essential requirements:

●       Provide a direct and a cost-free service or opportunity (i.e., legal, mental health, retreats)

●       Be fiscally responsible and financially transparent

●       Ensure capacity to serve additional troops, veterans and their families

●       Be responsive when contacted by phone and email

PATRIOTlink is different than other resource directories or services because of Code of Support Foundation’s continued dedication to ensuring that the verified data in PATRIOTlink remains accurate. Each resource undergoes a thorough vetting process, which requires telephonic verification and continuous resource updates by Code of Support’s PATRIOTlink program specialists to ensure data integrity.

Users can create a free account to access PATRIOTlink at  Premium upgrades are available based on a user’s needs.

PATRIOTlink has been made possible through the generous support of Code of Support Foundation’s development underwriters Bristol-Myers Squibb Foundation and Noblis, Inc., and the assistance of partners GuideStar and American Express Serve2Gether.

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