My name is Brandon Egert and I am the Family Intake Coordinator intern here at the Code of Support Foundation (COSF). I found out about COSF through a career fair at American University and was immediately drawn in by the intuitive and holistic approach that the organization takes towards helping veterans and their families.

Working alongside 3 COSF veteran peer navigators, I’ve been able to gain a deep understanding of both military culture and the many hardships that veterans face on a daily basis. While most of our job consists of connecting veterans to the resources that they need, it doesn’t end there. Our end goal is to navigate veterans so that they have all the tools necessary to achieve a stable lifestyle and avoid a future crisis.

One client that I am working with, Catherine had called me right after she had been evicted from her home. She had nowhere to go and found herself living in a garage with her service dog and all her belongings. Luckily we found an organization that would provide her permanent housing and a homeless shelter she could stay at in the meantime. Although I am still in the process of working on her case, she has come a long way since I first spoke to her weeks ago. Unfortunately, Catherine’s case is all too common among U.S. veterans. Yet at COSF, we are working to ensure that people like Catherine are not alone in their adversities and that they are getting the support they need.

I am passionate and committed to the work we do here at COSF as I believe that every veteran deserves our support in a time of crisis. It’s our duty to give back to those who have given so much for our country.

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