The Code of Support Foundation employees each serve in their own unique way. We are proud of the work our team does on a daily basis. Today, we would like to recognize Carly. Carly’s creativeness and drive are shown through the amazing work she does. Whether creating social media posts or spearheading fundraisers Carly always works with joy and passion!

Carly, and co-worker Mignon, enjoying Staff Bonding Day.

1. What is your job at COSF?

I am a Development Associate here at Code of Support.

2. What is your favorite part of your job?

My favorite part of the job is brainstorming creative ways to motivate and inspire people to donate to our essential mission. 

3. What are some tasks you do on a daily basis?

Carly, with players from the Kenya Lacrosse Program.

My daily tasks include empowering our peer-to-peer fundraisers, thanking our weekly donors, creating social media content and assisting my co-workers with their projects.

4. Why are you passionate about the military/veteran community? 

I am passionate about the military/veteran community because my father is a Marine veteran and my grandfather is a Navy veteran. The more time I spend intertwined within and learning about this community, the more passionate I become. Military families are faced with some of the toughest, most unique issues, and consequently are extremely resilient. 

5. Who inspires you?

I have been extremely lucky to have been taught by intelligent, caring, powerful women my entire life, and they all inspire me in various ways. The short list includes: my mother, my grandmother, my lacrosse coaches, my co-workers, and the Kenyan lacrosse players that I have the honor to coach.

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