Founded in 2011, Code of Support Foundation (COSF) ensures our nation’s military and veteran families receive the resources and support they have earned through their service and sacrifice. Celebrating its 10th year of service this year, Code of Support announces an ambitious plan for the future, opting to remain fully virtual, providing all of its services remotely and digitally.  

“Entering the COVID-19 pandemic, we were most focused on avoiding any interruption in our care for those who have served our country,” said CEO and Co-founder Kristina Kaufmann. “So, last March we quickly pivoted to remote workspaces for all staff and crafted a virtual support model. This ensured we remained nimble and responsive to every family who needed us, just as the pandemic began to impact job, food, and housing security.”

Code of Support operates PATRIOTlink® the nation’s largest repository of fully-vetted and verified, no-cost resources for veteran and military families. For those who need additional support or encounter barriers such as service requirements, discharge status, and necessary documentation, COSF also provides individualized case management provided by other veterans and caregivers who know first-hand the challenges our veterans face. Currently, more than half of the military families served by COSF face eviction or other issues stemming from financial insecurity.

“We were always going to help our nation’s heroes when they face something like COVID-19 – with all the uncertainty and fear, it’s our duty to be available and ready to support those who have served our country,” added Senior Program Manager of Case Coordination, Marjorie Pennington. “Veteran families who were barely getting by on two incomes before the pandemic suddenly found they ran through their savings and didn’t know where to turn for help. We make sure they get the resources they need and have earned.”

In the past year, requests for help from Code of Support have more than doubled. In response, COSF added more than 2,000 resources to PATRIOTlink in the past year, including hundreds of food pantries, job coaches, finance and benefits counselors, and virtual mental health providers. As the pandemic drags on into its second year, Code of Support is doubling down on its virtual, remote model to stay ahead of these trends and continue providing services to those with the greatest risk.

“Moving remote may have been a result of the pandemic, but our team has never been more productive or satisfied in our work to serve those who have served our country,”  added Kaufmann. “At our 10th anniversary, we now employ team members across the country, all working virtually to provide remote services to more people in more places in real-time. The future of Code of Support and the future of service to our nation’s veterans, caregivers, and military families has arrived, and it’s digital.”

*Code of Support Foundation retains its mailing address at 4220 King St., Alexandria, VA 22302.
*Code of Support will celebrate its 10th year of service with activities and events throughout the year. To share your story or a story of a veteran who impacted your life, please visit

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