The Code of Support Foundation (COSF) applauds Google for focusing on the challenges facing our veterans, caregivers, and their families. In partnership with Code of Support and other veteran-service organizations, today Google launches “Serving Veterans,” an effort to reach and serve more veteran families in need.

Google is highlighting “Serving Veterans” on the Google homepage beginning at 12AM, Tuesday, October 13, 2020, and will continue to share resources throughout the campaign.

“We are thrilled to partner with Google in this landmark effort because the Code of Support Foundation exists to connect military families, veterans, and caregivers to the resources and support they have earned through their service and sacrifice,” said COSF Chair, Hon. Robert Speer.  He added, “With the ‘Serving Veterans’ launch, Google has simultaneously expanded awareness about the needs of our veterans and shared vital resources related to mental healthcare, substance abuse, and suicide prevention at a time when demand for these services is unprecedented.”

COSF, founded in 2011, operates the national PATRIOTlink® resource hub of fully vetted, free, local connections for veterans, caregivers, and their families to find support.  COSF also provides direct support to families in need of more customized care through Case Coordination staffed by experienced Peer Navigators – veterans and caregivers themselves.

“Code of Support has always used technology to innovate better, faster solutions for veterans – that’s why we created PATRIOTlink to remove barriers between veteran families and the resources they have earned.  We think of ourselves as both a technology company and a nonprofit , which is why we are so proud to partner with Google–a giant in technology innovation–to shine their light on this community of heroes who deserve our respect and our help,” stated COSF Co-founder and CEO Kristina Kaufmann.

Since March, COSF has scaled and has responded to  a more than 200% increase in demand for its services in support of veterans and families affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.  “For months we’ve seen of rising numbers of veterans and caregivers experiencing financial, food, and housing insecurity, while also sharing increased feelings of anxiety, depression, and isolation due to the pandemic,” offered COSF Senior Program Manager and Caregiver Peer Navigator Marjorie Pennington.   “Free registrations for PATRIOTlink have more than doubled in the past few months while searches for localized care, particularly mental health counseling, have risen sharply.  However, we know that we are still not reaching every veteran family in need, particularly during this time of increased need,” added PATRIOTlink Product Director, Jennifer Bingham.

In support of the launch of “Serving Veterans,” the Code of Support Foundation has added thousands of new local resources to the PATRIOTlink network, while also expanding its Case Coordination capacity in anticipation of an influx of military families, veterans, and caregivers with critical needs.  Find out more about Code of Support and our services for veterans and families at

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