This year, Code of Support launched a Holiday Gift Program for the children of wounded service members partnered with our Case Coordination Program. Through the generosity of Bob Nelson Team Real Estate and a network of sponsors, we were able to support 53 families, which totaled 237 military children!

We look forward to expanding this program even more during the next holiday season! To learn more about the program or how to get involved, contact Matt Lockwood at [email protected].

Wow – check out those smiles! 🎁 “Oh, what fun!”

  • smiling girl with Christmas gift
  • smiling girl with new pajamas
  • two babies with a Christmas present
  • smiling boy with new toy
  • Desmond opening Christmas presents
  • girl with new jeans
  • happy girl with new toy
  • smiling girl with new toy
  • smiling family opening Christmas gifts
  • little girl opening a new play kitchen set
  • smiling boy opening a Christmas box
  • smiling boy holding a Christmas present excited to open them
  • a smiling girl with a new toy
  • granddaughters smiling on the couch with their grandmother
  • a little girl wrapped up in her new blanket
  • a girl smiling with all her new Christmas presents
  • happy girl with a sewing machine present
  • smiling boy with train toy
  • A dad hugging his daughter in front of the new doll house she just got as a present
  • a little girl unwrapping a Christmas present that is a doll house as tall as her
  • A little boy sitting on the ground wearing new shoes that were a Christmas present
  • boy with toy story toy
  • A boy smiling in front of a Christmas tree with his new present

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