Join Us As We Kick Off A “Summer of Support”

Summer is officially here and we are kicking off a “Summer of Support,” an event that you can participate in from wherever you are. There are so many ways to get involved with the Code of Support Foundation this summer. So far, we have served 845 clients in 2024, and each month, we continue to hit record numbers of intakes. When you participate in a “Summer of Support,” you’ll make an incredible difference by helping us meet our clients’ growing needs.

Summer of Support Activities

Claim your Code of Support Merchandise Bundle

Want to show your support wherever you go? When you commit to a monthly gift of $20 or more, we’ll send you a Code of Support merchandise bundle with a reusable grocery tote bag, a sticker, and a “No Veteran Left Behind” pen. Your generosity enables us to come behind veterans, service members, and caregivers with unwavering support and life-changing resources.


Share Your Support via MemoryFox

We are collecting words of support for military and veteran families this summer. When we come together to uplift veterans and their families, we say thank you for your service in a personal and impactful way. Submit a short 10-30-second video showing your appreciation and support for military and veteran families via MemoryFox for a chance to be featured on our social media channels!


Engage in our “Summer of Support” Social Media Campaign

Across our social media platforms, we will be sharing tips each week on how we can create a wealth of support for military and veteran families. We’ll share how Code of Support helps veterans, service members, and caregivers and how YOU can do the same in your city. Follow along to get inspired in your efforts to support those who have served and their families!


Why, “Summer of Support”?

You’ve heard us say the word “support” quite often, and there is a reason for it. Our very mission is based on it. When military and veteran families are supported with the resources, advocacy, and encouragement they deserve, we can move them out of crisis and into the full, healthy lives their service has rightfully earned them.

We are calling upon you to join us in our effort to make this a reality for every military and veteran family member that we meet. Thank you for supporting our cause. We can’t wait to see all of the wonderful things that happen during this “Summer of Support” with you!

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