Code of Support Foundation is a very small non-profit organization devoted to military family and veteran support. Our organization teaches civilians the sacrifices our service members, their families, and veterans make- all of this inspires me to want to give back to them. I may not be personally involved in the military or veteran sector later in life, but I now know more about this walk of life and will continue to be an advocate for our heroes abroad and at home.

I cannot describe how rewarding it is when your boss asking you to work for them again next summer.  I was pleasantly surprised when she told me she would love to have me back the following year.  This compliment is a confirmation of the dedication and hard work I have put into my job and this organization since I have arrived. Each day, I try to work even harder than the day before by creating more interesting posts and tweets, and always striving to push my limits. I want to be completely happy and responsible for the work that I put out, and I am confident in what I have done thus far.

Our office is staffed with people that care about one another and, as such, teamwork proves to be the most valuable skill any employee can have. My supervisors are encouraging, supportive and invested in building personal relationships in and outside of the office. I personally enjoy the more casual environment of my office; our time together has included Slurpee and food runs, BBQs, sports games and so much more. Because we spend time together outside of the office, the employees get to know each other on a more personal level which makes deadlines and intense work less stressful.

I want the impact of my work to be grounded in its dependability and creativity. I want to be proud to talk about the work I’ve done while explaining to potential bosses what I have accomplished throughout my time here in Washington, D.C.  I only have four weeks left at Code of Support Foundation, and the thought of leaving makes me incredibly sad- I feel as though the work I’ve done and the passion I have is just beginning. However, if I were to leave tomorrow, I would not regret my choice to intern at this wonderful organization. I am content with the amount and quality of work I have accomplished as well as the relationships that have developed that I know are truly valuable and will continue well into the future.

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