Jacqulyn served her country for four years in the Navy as an aviation support equipment technician. But after her service, she had difficulty reintegrating into civilian life and taking care of Layla, her wheelchair bound daughter. When she found herself in an abusive relationship, she packed a small truck and moved with her daughter from Omaha, Nebraska, to Phoenix, Arizona, hoping things would improve. But at just 30 years old, she found herself homeless, jobless, and struggling to get Layla to her critical medical appointments.

Jacqulyn tried to get help, but everywhere she went, organizations turned her away. She went to homeless shelters, but no place could take her and her disabled daughter. She tried the VA, but they couldn’t do anything either. Homeless and without resources, Jacqulyn felt she would never get the help she needed.

When another veteran recommended Code of Support Foundation, she was afraid it would be another dead end. But when one of our case coordinators answered the phone, her life changed. We were able to find Jacqulyn permanent housing in an apartment where she and Layla would be safe. Also, we found money to purchase a wheelchair accessible van in order to get her daughter to critical medical appointments. Lastly, we provided financial assistance so she and her daughter could have a decent holiday after all the challenges they’d endured.

Today, Jacqulyn has earned a degree in computer drafting, and now has a full time job working from home so she can continue taking care of Layla. Our case coordinators check in on her regularly, and are always there to answer the phone if she calls.

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