They stand on guard around the globe,

On vigil, night and day.

These sentinels of freedom

Whom we send into harm’s way.

They fight and win the nation’s wars

Or sometimes keep the peace.

American Warriors, one and all,

Their missions never cease.

Who are these men and women

Who keep our nation free?

Who, like the minute men of old,

Still fight for liberty?

Are they so different from us all,

This less than one percent?

What makes them stand above the rest,

No matter where they’re sent?

Each soldier, sailor, airman,

Coast guardsman and marine,

Is proud to live their service creed

As a member of the team.

He’s black, or white, or Asian,

Hispanic or Arab, too.

The only colors that he knows

Are red, and white, and blue.

She’s from the north or from the south,

Or from the east or west.

Her roots stretch out around the world,

All American, none the less.

He is an American Warrior,

Well trained and highly skilled.

She is an American Warrior, too,

A professional in her field.

The American Warrior stands not alone.

The nation stands beside.

While husbands, wives and children too,

Serve equally with pride.

No mission is beyond their reach,

No sacrifice too great.

It’s in their DNA to serve,

While other goals must wait.

When it’s time to fight, he fights to win,

The mission must succeed!

There’s no one better trained than she,

None readier to lead.

He’s served as village “mayor,”

With thousands in his charge.

Their welfare and security,

Responsibilities loom large.

She ran the village clinic,

Bringing healthcare to them all.

Her wisdom is beyond her years,

Solving problems, big and small.

They’re mechanics and technicians,

And language experts, too.

Their skills range in the multitudes,

Their shortcomings are few.

Yes, they’re heroes in our sight,

These warriors of today.

They set a standard for us all,

As they serve us night and day.

Their courage is what keeps us free,

Their loyalty keeps us strong.

Dedication keeps them focused,

Motivation ever long.

Perhaps the greatest trait they bring,

From which we all can learn,

Is integrity in everything they do,

A value for which we yearn.

Oh, we Americans are truly blessed,

Beyond what we deserve,

That men and women such as these,

Have volunteered to serve.

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