While there are many reasons I wanted to be an Americorps member, the one that stands out most is my sense of service. One thing I know for sure is that I truly have a passion for nonprofits and associations. I have been serving others and volunteering since I was a young child, and I find great meaning and personal fulfillment knowing that I am contributing to a purpose greater than myself, no matter the cause. Being in a military family myself, I wanted to be involved with organizations that address the many issues that come along with the military lifestyle. After extensive research, Code of Support Foundation seemed like the perfect fit. I love the fact that they address these issues with military families through a holistic approach, and I admire their initiative to create the “code of support.”

Not only am I an U.S. Army veteran, but I have been a military spouse during a time of deployment. I have a deep understanding of the hardships and difficulties these service members and their families face on a daily basis, and I have complete admiration and respect for those who have chosen the military as a career. Some of my most meaningful relationships are with those who have served, and currently serve. I am honored to serve my country again through volunteer service as an AmeriCorps VISTA, and I am humbled to work for an organization that supports our service members and families in their most difficult times.

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