OUR IMPACT: Nic and Jessica

Nic enlisted in the military at 18 and spent the next 10 years in the Army as a combat medic. He deployed twice to Iraq and Afghanistan. Each day, the survival of wounded soldiers was dependent upon Nic’s skills and experience. And then on his second deployment, Nic found himself being treated by a fellow combat medic was struck by an IED in Afghanistan.

Nic’s wounds left him 100% disabled and he was medically discharged from the Army. Unable to work, he and his wife, Jessica, struggled to support their three young children and provide the quality of life that their family deserved.

Then one day, in honor of his service, Nic and his family received a tremendous gift: a newly constructed, mortgage free home. They thought it would be the start of the new life their family so desperately needed. However, the new home could only be built in Georgia, and Nic and Jessica lived in Utah. To make matters worse, they had only 4 weeks to sign for their new home, but with no savings, a broken down car, and a huge sense of dread, they saw the opportunity to start a new life quickly slipping through their fingers.

That's when Nic and Jessica contacted Code of Support Foundation. As soon as one of our case coordinators and fellow veteran spoke with Nic and Jessica, we knew that we had to do everything in our power to get them to their new home. So we asked America to help. In just two weeks, we heard from citizens from all across the country who decided to give everything they could. Their unbelievable financial generosity literally put Nic and Jessica on the road with a rental car, trailer and travel money to move 2,500 miles to their new home and life.