PATRIOTlink 2.0 Has Launched!

An Interview With Program Director, Jennifer Bingham

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This month is an important one for veterans that benefit from our resource database, as we launch our new and improved PATRIOTlink 2.0 platform. In order to understand all of the new bells and whistles of the site, we spoke with PATRIOTlink Program Director, Jennifer Bingham!

When asked what she is most excited about for the new site, she shared that it is “the opportunity to be mobile.” Since February, Jennifer has worked closely with our technology development team to make this program usable on all mobile devices. She explains, “we recognize that mobile technology is developing quickly, and many of the veterans that will find PATRIOTlink the most useful may not have a desktop or a laptop available to them.” Being able to search from their phones will bring them closer to the help that they need.

PATRIOTlink 2.0 involves several other new features, as well. First, the site now has a “Recommend A Resource” button, which allows users to alert us to programs that they feel should be in the system. This is essential to continue to grow the resource network. Next, the “My Info” section will allow users to save their personal information instead of having to input it for every search. This will allow for quicker and more accurate searches. 

New Features on PATRIOTlink 2.0!

New Features on PATRIOTlink 2.0!

Similarly, the “Case ID” feature will allow service providers to save several sets of user information. This will be ideal for people in the social work community, as well as our own Veteran and Caregiver Peer Navigators. Another improvement is the expansion of the feedback feature. Users will now be able to use the “Rate, Report, Favorite, and Program Contacted” buttons during searches. User feedback is critical because it helps us to understand more about how veterans use the site and it also helps us to improve the accuracy of program descriptions.

Of course, process improvement is never really complete; there are several additional changes that will be implemented in the next six months. Stay tuned for additional changes, all of which are designed to bring help to veterans more quickly and efficiently.