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Why did a nonprofit organization decide to create a technology platform?


Out of the 22 million veterans in the U.S., an estimated 30% of veteran families are in crisis and require critical assistance from one or more service providers to ensure they have wrap-around support for their needs. Currently, there are tens of thousands nonprofits and thousands of local and federal government resources with varying scope and eligibility requirements, that are committed to assisting our nation’s heroes.

COSF recognizes that no one agency, government or nonprofit, has the capacity to fulfill all of their complex needs, especially for those veteran families in dire circumstances. COSF’s PATRIOTlink® cloud-based navigation platform is a tactical solution that facilitates integrated effort between support organizations, ensuring service-members, veterans and their families get the holistic support they need to successfully transition back into civilian life.

Veteran’s families leaving military service face a range of issues, including physical and mental health challenges, housing, employment, financial, legal and education, as well as a lack of social connections.  PATRIOTlink® minimizes the barriers veterans and their families face to ensure they obtain the best possible support to address their multiple needs.

The need for greater efficiency in navigation, identification and leveraging of veteran resources was recognized in 2012 by COSF’s Case Coordination team and confirmed by a two year in depth environmental scan of service organizations across the nation. Results determined that existing resource databases are difficult to navigate and often ineffective in identifying the multiple resources needed. Based on this feedback, COSF conceived and began developing PATRIOTlink® to enable all service providers to efficiently identify and leverage resources, resulting in a greater collective impact than any organization is capable of alone.


What Makes PATRIOTlink Different Than Other Resource Navigation Platforms?


COSF understands that the success of PATRIOTlink hinges on the quality and integrity of the data, and the ease with which service-providers can efficiently and effectively find the resources their service members, veterans and families need.  Unique features of PATRIOTlink include:

  • Every organization must provide a direct and cost-free service.
  • Each resource undergoes a thorough and standardized vetting process, which requires an average of 90 minutes of research with telephonic verification.
  • Each organization is tagged not just by the service(s) provided but also by eligibility criteria - allowing for a more targeted and efficient search.
  • An option for service providers to turn a search into a case so that they can organize and track the resources that they’re client needs as the case progresses.
  • The ability for service providers to recommend new organizations and resources to COSF for vetting and potential inclusion in PATRIOTlink.
  • A gap analysis and feedback feature fed by user experience to inform the continuing population and design of PATRIOTlink.

PATRIOTlink Pilot:  Fall 2016


COSF has already performed a targeted thorough vetting and profiling process on over 2,500 programs, with over 1,000 of those programs qualified to be an active resource in the PATRIOTlink pilot. COSF’s process ensures that each profile represents program capacity, includes services provided and resources are tagged based on eligibility criteria such as service era, disability rating, discharge status, deployment history, geographic coverage, and population assisted. This allows a service provider to perform searches that result in resources their client qualifies for, significantly reducing the amount of time it takes to find the additional resources their client needs.


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