Your dedication will be a lasting tribute to our troops, veterans and their families.

After you have read the Code of Support for our troops, we ask you to scroll down the page and add your name as an official signer of the Code of Support for Our Troops, along with your dedication to a service member(s) or veteran(s) of your choosing. These can be family members past or present, friends, associates, or anyone who has served or is currently serving in the armed forces.

Sign The Code Of Support! 

We ask you to fill in a few items of information, with assurances that your privacy will be respected. Your e-mail address will be for our records only and will not appear in your post or be shared with others. 

Thank you for signing your pledge to support our troops!

Numerous public figures have signed the code! Check out this video of Ryan Seacrest declaring #isignedthecode!

Other notable code signers include:

  • President Jimmy Carter & Rosalynn Carter

  • Former Senators Bob & Elizabeth Dole

  • Chuck Hagel, Former Senator & Secretary of Defense

  • Donald Rumsfeld & William Cohen, Former Secretaries of Defense

  • Dan Rather, Cokie Roberts & Steve Roberts, Journalists

  • Tom Brokaw, Former NBC News Anchor

  • Mario Andretti, Race Car Driver

  • Whitey Ford, NY Yankees Hall of Famer

  • Rocky Bleier, NFL Legend & Purple Heart Recipient

  • Roger Stanback & Sonny Jurgensen, NFL Legends

  • Evan Thomas, Author and Historian


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Thank you to all those who have signed the Code of Support for our Troops.