Rebecca Stewart

Rebecca Stewart, CBPA, is a Certified Business Performance Advisor with Insperity, Inc. (NYSE: NSP), a leading provider of human resources and business performance solutions for America’s best businesses. Since starting with Insperity eight years ago, Rebecca has worked closely with business owners and company leadership nationwide to understand the needs of their companies and identify their opportunities for increased growth and profitability. With Insperity, Rebecca has a multi-disciplinary team of experts at her disposal to enable business leaders to be more systematic and strategic in the role people play in the success of their companies. 

Rebecca’s dedication to the business community extends well beyond her role with Insperity. She has served with the Association for Corporate Growth, Central Texas Chapter, for four years, including a full one-year term as the group’s Executive Vice President. She also served for two years on the Board of Advisors for People Fund, a nonprofit financial and educational assistance program that has helped create thousands of jobs to put Texans on a path to financial stability and independence.

On top of professional interests, Rebecca has spent the past eight years working in the community on behalf of veterans’ interests. Her recent appointment to the Board for Code of Support Foundation enables her to extend her reach advocating for veterans’ rights nationwide.