Code of Support Foundation: Meeting Needs and Changing Lives

When I called Code of Support my back was up against the wall. I was struggling with my VA Claim and just days earlier had lost a close friend to suicide. They did something that hadn’t happened in years: they listened.
— Zachary Bell, Marine Combat Veteran

The Challenge

More than a third of our 20 million veterans are struggling. More than 50,000 are homeless. 20 die by suicide every day. Sometimes, war comes home.

Meanwhile, active duty service members and their families are under stress, coping with multiple deployments, uprooting to new duty stations, transitioning to civilian life, or facing financial challenges. Over 20,000 active duty service members rely on food stamps. Government can’t solve these challenges alone. That’s where we come in.

What We’re Doing

While there are tens of thousands of resources available to those who serve and have served, finding and accessing them can be overwhelming. COSF helps those in need navigate and access critical services by providing one-on-one support. We are there for them when there is nowhere else to turn.

COSF’s three unique programs help transform military and veteran lives. Our first two programs directly support the 1% who serve/have served and their families. Our third program enables the 99%, who benefit from the service and sacrifice of the 1%, to do their share and provide meaningful support to our troops.

Case Coordination

Our national Case Coordination Center connects individuals and families struggling with mental and physical health, housing and a host of other needs. Our trained Peer Navigators – who are veterans and caregivers, themselves – help solve the most complex problems for those in crisis. We address each veteran and service member’s unique challenges, providing one on one support and staying with them every step of the way.


Our free online hub helps everyone from individuals to case managers navigate the sea of resources offered by thousands of community-based organizations and government agencies. PATRIOTlink connects those in need to the right services in the right place at the right time. All programs have been carefully vetted by COSF staff. PATRIOTlink is an innovative technology platform that is transforming access to care and support for our nation’s military and veteran communities. PATRIOTlink helps users find available resources based on need, location and eligibility. It offers faster, more targeted and efficient searches than are available elsewhere, and eliminates the need for extensive research to identify available and applicable services.

Education & Engagement/Team 99

Our Team 99 program provides a way for the 99% to do their share in support of the 1% who serve and sacrifice. We ask all Americans to commit to supporting our troops by signing the Code of Support, a set of six simple promises which mirror the six articles of military Code of Conduct. We offer “99 Ways” for the 99% to Get Involved, giving meaning to the words, “support our troops.” Sign the Code today at

Code of Support Foundation gave me what I had lost, HOPE. I now have a home, continue working, and can proudly spend time with my children. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
— Army Veteran, father of two

What Sets Us Apart

Serving All: We are the only national coordination center serving all members of the military, veterans and their families, regardless of discharge status, branch of service, where they live, or when they served.

Collaboration:  We work with diverse and skilled partners throughout the field, and ensure that the best available resources are known and utilized.

Best In Class: Others in the sector recognize our case coordination model as best in class.

Harnessing Technology: PATRIOTlink’s platform transforms how veteran and military communities access services.

Funding: We are funded entirely by private donations and grants.

Background on COSF

The Code of Support Foundation was founded in 2010 by Major General (RET) Alan B. Salisbury and Kristina Kaufmann with the goal of bridging the growing divide of understanding and engagement between our military and civilian communities. Working with a dedicated team of retired military and civilian leaders, he developed the “Code of Support” for our troops as a parallel document to the Military “Code of Conduct” in which service members pledge that they are prepared to give their lives in defense of our country. The Code of Support is a set of six meaningful commitments all American’s can make to give meaning to the words, “support our troops.”

Please support our veterans and troops in need. Make a contribution today.

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