As summer interns at COSF, we  are excited to share our experiences with you this summer!

My name is Lucy von Fahnestock and I am studying Communications at the University of Dayton. I grew up with my dad serving in the Army. I’ve moved all over the country with my family, and, from a young age, I knew I wanted to serve my country in some way, just like my dad. Having learned about the opportunity to intern with COSF from my dad and after researching what the organization does, I realized that it would be the perfect place for me to intern. I am excited to develop my professional career in communications, working with a nonprofit while being able to help veterans, service members, and their families. Coming from a military family, I feel as though I can relate and identify with some of the people we are helping, which makes my internship even more worthwhile.

I am working on a few different projects throughout the summer with Ericka who is also a Communication and Development intern. I am in charge of the “99 Ways to Get Involved” project, which aims to get the 99% of Americans who are not serving in our nation’s armed forces to do their part and give back to those who do serve. I will be writing web content as well, including blog posts related to the 99 Ways initiative. As Ericka takes the lead on developing informational videos relating to case coordination and how a resource enters into PATRIOTlink, I will be providing her with support and helping out where I can. I am looking forward to serving our nation’s troops, veterans and their families over the next several weeks and to helping educate our civilian population on how to help those who’ve sacrificed so much for our country.

Lucy von Fahnestock, Communication and Development Intern
University of Dayton
Major: Communication
Concentration: Public Relations
Minors: Political Science; Human Rights Studies

My name is Ericka LaRosa and I first heard about Code of Support Foundation through my older brother who interned here three summers ago. All I pretty much knew about COSF was that it was a nonprofit organization that helped veterans, service members, and their families get the assistance they need. I loved the idea of being a part of an altruistic organization that was truly motivated to help people.I also thought that this intern position would be of invaluable experience for my career. Specifically, as an Economics Major at George Mason University, I think that the communication and marketing aspect of the position will help me to develop a useful and practical skill that I can utilize for several years to come.

I’m collaborating with Lucy, who is also a communications intern, to complete a few projects by the end of the summer.  I’m leading us through the process of making a video to creatively educate COSF’s case coordination program for those who are interested in learning more about it. It will lead the audience through a specific case of a veteran who needs assistance. The goal of the video is to show why people should care about this program and how it’s effective in helping veterans in the long term. In addition to the video, I’m also providing support for Lucy, whose main project is revamping the “99 Ways to Get Involved” section of the COSF website. I am one of the 99% of Americans who has benefitted from the selfless sacrifice of the 1% who protect our freedom. It is an honor to be able to serve our troops,veterans and their families in such a meaningful way.

Ericka LaRosa, Communications and Development Intern
George Mason University
Major: Economics
Concentration: Managerial Studies

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