This weekend we pause for Memorial Day – and the veterans and military families we serve at Code of Support Foundation want to remind us all what this holiday means to them.

Originally called “Decoration Day” as a way to recognize the soldiers lost during the Civil War, the day gradually expanded to memorialize all those who have given their lives throughout the long history of war in the US. Now, Memorial Day continues to be a day to remember the military personnel who we have lost, and the families impacted by war.

As you can imagine or maybe even know from firsthand experience, Memorial Day holds a significant amount of weight for those who have served and their families. It is a somber day, a day of remembrance, honor, and sacrifice; and so, it is unique among American holiday traditions.

For many veterans and service members, Memorial Day is filled with nuance. Many veterans and service members are grateful for being able to return home, and some mourn the losses they experienced during their service. For many, the day can be best celebrated with family and friends, and for some, it can be a day of solitude. Here, Memorial Day is about reflection, honoring those who gave their lives in the line of duty to their country.

If there’s one thing service members and veterans want you to know about Memorial Day, it’s that the day is not meant for thanking them for their service. Instead, they ask that you join them in honoring fallen military personnel, commemorate their lives, and reach out to the families who have experienced loss.

If you are struggling with the proper thing to say as Monday approaches, here are a few alternatives:

  1. I wish you a meaningful Memorial Day.
  2. I hope you enjoy your weekend, and pause to remember its purpose.
  3. Help remember those who have served on this Memorial Day.

With this in mind, we sincerely hope you have a wonderful, meaningful weekend.

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