Dedicated, hardworking, and resourceful are just a few of the ways to describe our team at Code of Support Foundation. Despite challenges, they never let setbacks stand in the way of serving the military and veteran community.

Today we want to introduce Chris! Chris is the Manager of Institutional Giving at Code of Support Foundation. As a marine veteran, Chris takes the mission of Code of Support to heart. The outstanding work Chris does on a daily basis makes a difference in the lives of many!

Chris and his two sons.

1. What is your job at COSF?

 Manager of Institutional Giving 

 2. What is your favorite part of your job?

I love working with a passionate team that is clearly mission-driven. This team includes our board of directors and volunteers. It has been inspiring to meet the representatives from the various foundations & corporations that continue to support our critical mission. 

 3. What are some tasks you do on a daily basis?

Our mission is profoundly powerful. As a veteran, I am inspired every day to support our objectives. One key aspect of my position is the development and retention of the donors within Institutional Giving. Secondly, it is wonderful to discover potential funders as our mission capacity grows and expands. For example, our response to COVID-19 as it pertains to PATRIOTlink & Case Coordination.  Supporting our team so they have the tools needed to remain on the front line as we offer immediate and continued resources to our military families and veterans. This objective motivates me every hour of the day. 

 4. How has being a military veteran impacted your work?

 As a veteran, I understand the importance of the Code of Support mission first hand. Many of my fellow veterans have suffered greatly in the wake of our service. Therefore, it is meaningful for me to serve fellow veterans and our military communities accordingly. 

 5. Who inspires you?

I am inspired daily by the change-makers and those leaders within non-profit. I simply love non-profit work and the millions of unsung heroes. Non-profit staff, interns, volunteers, and donors that continue to positively impact our communities large and small. The list is profound including food banks, helping the homeless, community centers, supporting parents & children, environmental advocates, civil rights, and the millions of missions represented in one word, “non-profit”. 

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