Mission Monday: Bri

Being a single mom is hard. And being a single mom of three as a veteran with PTSD comes with unique challenges that were made more difficult for combat veteran, Bri who came to us when her only vehicle broke down. For a single mom, the lack of a vehicle means the loss of transportation to work, resulting in financial stress. Read more to see how we were able to help Bri and her family get back on track with the help of our community partners.

Bri, a post-9/11 combat veteran and single mom of three was working hard to make ends meet and provide for her children while juggling post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Adding stress to her situation, driving to work quickly took a toll on her vehicle, and the repairs it required exponentially grew out of her budget. This made it difficult to secure meaningful employment that was sufficient to provide for her family.

We worked with a community partner to repair Bri’s vehicle, putting her back on the road and getting her back to work. Bri has aspirations to freelance full-time, but for now, she has found steady employment that allows her to provide for her children while pursuing her passions on the side. When veterans like Bri come to us in need, we do all that we can to tackle the struggles in their lives so that they can reclaim their dignity and feel empowered to step into a new beginning.

Whether it be helping to fund car repairs like in Bri’s story, finding a veteran housing, or setting them up with career coaching, it is our mission to take veterans out of the struggle and into a happy, healthy future.

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