Mission Monday: Thanksgiving Edition

A veteran came to us after having to close down his business due to finances while trying to gain custody of his son.

He was actively job-seeking, but was worried about facing homelessness.

We provided one-on-one support during this difficult time, and he secured custody of his son and a new job the week before Thanksgiving.

We also helped him find a safe, affordable home and ensured that the first two months of rent were covered thanks to our generous community partners, allowing him and his son to enjoy the holidays as a family for the first time.

Our mission doesn’t slow down for the holiday season – instead, we work tirelessly to ensure that military and veteran families have the resources they need to enjoy the way of life they fought to protect for so long.

If you or a veteran you know is in need this holiday season, please visit patriotlink.org or head to codeofsupport.org/get-help/.

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