The essence of our work at Code of Support Foundation (COSF) is captured so clearly in Jackie, a Navy veteran and COSF client whose story is a constant inspiration to our mission.

Jackie reached out nine years ago when she and her daughter, who has special needs, needed support after making a big move to a different state. Jackie came to us amid many life changes, feeling overwhelmed and unsure of where to turn.

A Case Manager provided a listening ear and went to work on finding resources in Jackie’s city. We connected Jackie to these critical resources to help the pair settle into their new home state and secured a wheelchair-accessible van for her daughter’s transportation.

Years later, Jackie stayed in contact with her Case Manager who provided compassionate support and advice. To this day, Jackie’s story remains close to our hearts as we reflect on her resilience and courage to create the life she and her daughter deserve.

“I was so overwhelmed and did not have anywhere to turn. I reached out to The Code of Support and they listened to my struggle and were so helpful in so many ways… I appreciate them with all my heart. They continue to exceed my expectations and show me that I am not alone on this tough journey.” – Jackie.

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