We’ve served over 1,100 household members so far this year, with intakes hitting a peak of 180 in the month of October. At Code of Support, our case managers are seeing record numbers of clients facing potential homelessness, food insecurity, and unemployment. They’re seeing children of wounded veterans and deployed parents struggling with mental health like never before.

What are we seeing?

Visible or invisible injuries, incurred at any point in service can impact a veteran for life, a fact we’re seeing confirmed by a 57% rise in intakes compared to this time last year. Roadblocks to securing resources needed for successful transitions to civilian life are still impacting lives each day. Right now, in 2023, we are seeing:

  • Military families at risk of homelessness. 60% of our open cases are housing-related.
  • Food insecurity on the rise among military and veteran populations.
  • Financial struggles due to unemployment or lack of stable jobs.
  • Mental health crises, especially among children of veterans.

These are real things that are happening to real people, and our Case Managers see it every day. It is time to remind each other of the importance of rallying around the 1% who wear the uniform and protect our way of life.

What are we doing to meet these needs?

We work tirelessly to solve problems for the heroes who served this beautiful nation, leveraging our team of experts in conjunction with our SaaS-based technology platform PATRIOTlink, a database containing 1000s of fully vetted resources, available at no cost to veterans, military personnel, and caregivers. The online database allows individuals to find resources relevant to their specific needs and geographic locations.

Day in and day out, we focus our efforts on providing the best quality of life for veterans, active-duty military members, caregivers, and families. We don’t have a time limit on the support we can offer individuals participating in our Case Coordination program; instead, we walk alongside clients as long as they need. Their courage, sacrifice, and resilience deserve nothing less than our unwavering commitment and support.

How can you help?

We hope you’ll join us in Signing the Code in support of military and veteran families. The Code is a commitment you can make to supporting those who have served our country, and a reminder of the many things we can do to make a difference in the lives of those who have made the ultimate sacrifice on our behalf.

Let’s work together to spread awareness of the issues military and veteran populations are facing and keep advocating for their needs, even as those needs evolve and change with our global landscape. The difference can start with you.

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